Friday, 25 November 2016


   Hello! Today I am going to write about something that people always overlook. Why? Because as human always take things for granted. We never be grateful of what we have instead we even complaining about it without making a small effort towards it. I would not be surprise if there are people who do not agree with my statement because for me, we are never going to realize about an issue until we experience and feel our self. Believe me or not? We never there are electricity until we feel the shock or see the reading scales on an ammeter. We never believe there are winds until it cool down our sweat that struggles to maintain our body temperature. See? So now I am going to tell you about human behavior that I observed as long as 18 years I lived.

    I was registered under Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) scholars on May 2016 under the program of MARA American Degree Program and I have been in KKTM Lenggong for 8 months but that is not what I am going to focus here. So, first of all, there are huge differences between the mentality of a genius and a normal person but, before you rebuts about what I am going to say, I just want to state that this is just my observation and I am not making proud of myself right here. As I studied in Mrsm Serting previously, the environment was different. In my class, if a teacher was asking for a volunteer in a particular activity, there were not going to be many who wanted to show up. But it is different in here, everybody were racing to volunteer on a particular activity. They never show that they are ashamed of doing it because they take it as a positive outcome. It does not matter if there are persons who are laughing at you looking at your high-spirit act but you need to be confidence that the impact is going to alter your future. They never think about what people say about them. Indeed, they helped each other to strive for the future.

    Next, a genius people will always cooperate together. In Mrsm Serting, when there was leisure time for the students to spend, they never opened a book or organizing an extra class but here, it literally happened. As we approaching the final examination, some of the student had already focusing on doing revision for about 2 or 3 weeks earlier. They felt terrified about the exam because it was the game game-changer for their future. They had traveled this far and there were no turning back. Some of them even organizing an extra class among them to help the students that are weak in maths. Previously, I thought this kind of environment was only a joke and it will never happen but it turns out to be the other way around.

    I really love this kind of environment because it triggered your passion to study and secure your future. Our future is going to be much harder than the current time. Job vacancies are getting less each year and our cost of living is increasing day by day. I really hope that this kind of environment will last forever.

What I Learned From Debating

  ‘This House Would Kill Justin Bieber’. It was kind of weird when I received this motion. It was my first time participating in a debate. I never loved debate because it drove me crazy when people request for POIs and in a blink of an eye you need to figure out the answer to attack the opposition group. But I had learned a lot from this debate competition that was organised by my English lecturer, Miss Jo.

   First of all, you need to be prepared to accept the motions that are going to be offered to you. For instance, This House Would Kill Justin Bieber, This House Believes That Optimus Prime Should Rule the World and This House Believes That the Earth Is Flat. The challenges came when you need to find your solid points to defend your motion because for some of it, you could not find it on the internet plus you need matured points to stand.

    Next, you need to use all the chances that were given to you. The POIs session was really important for both of the teams to strengthen and rebut the point of the opponent. As for the opponent, seriously you need a quick brain to answer all of the POIs even though you were struggling by your own selves to stand on the other side. You need to be persuasive enough to appeal to the emotion logic of the judges and your opponent. Trust me, you judges were human too so they could possibly get influence by their personal thought.

   As a conclusion, win and loss was just another thing. The important part was you must be confident with yourself and listen to what other people wanted to say because sometimes you can twisted their point to rebut all of their argument.   

Thursday, 24 November 2016

My worst essay ever!


For as long as I could remember, I have wanted to be a successful biologist. I have been a biology diehard fans ever since I was in primary school. In secondary school, I had struggled and put all my effort in maintaining a good as well as an excellent result in my biology subject. This could be proved when I had successfully achieved A+ in biology and pass my SPM with flying color with 5A+ and 4A’s.
 I am an over-achiever. For example, I maintained a 3.5 and above CGPA throughout secondary school since in form 1. I always brought my passion when it comes to study and academic achievement. I also had been awarded for the Principle Award for every semester. It triggered me to be an individual that had a quality in myself to achieved perfection even though there are nothing perfect in this world

Being responsible is also one of my personal quality that I could not escape. As an example, during my school time, I usually will complete all the task that have been given to me. This made me a detailed person. When I had been given a task to complete, I will search the information and look through it deeply besides it gave me a lot of knowledge.

I am also a concern-kind of people. I concern to the communities. I love to join community services to help the people. This world is not only for our self, yet there are other people that should not be let down. They should be feeling happiness as all of us felt. For example, I had joined the Ronda dan Riadah and crime awareness programs to fight and avoid crimes in our communities.

I have a leadership skill in myself to lead the people. I once lead the nasyid group and we managed to get second runner up. I also had joined the Badan Dakwah dan Rohani known as BADAR during my secondary school. I had played my rolls in maintaining the good deeds of the students in my school. I also once be the head prefect during my primary school.

I am a dedicated person. My team and I had achieved second runner up in Festival Seni Muzik Tradisional Mrsm se-Malaysia 2014 for the national level in Mrsm Kota kinabalu and 2015 in Mrsm Kuala Terengganu. I also had participated in Might minds 2015 for the district level.My team and I managed to proceed for the second level. In 2014 and 2015 I had participated for the Minggu bahasa dan Kuiz sastera and I had received award for the best player in the grouping stage.

Creative is also one of my personal qualities. I have a talent in playing musical instruments including the modern and the traditional. I am a fast learner in playing musical instrument and this proved that both side of my brain works correspondently. Playing music is also one of my strategy in managing my stress. This also showed that I know how to managed may stress.'


Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Pets Never Betray You.

         Pets are animals that we take care of and we love. Nowadays, we heard news that many pets are being harm all over the world. In my opinion, I agree that pets should be treated like family members.
         Pets should be treated like family members because pets also have the rights to live peacefully, to be loved, to be take care of by someone. They are also creatures of God. They are also living things and breath in the same air as humans. Nobody nor animals wanted to be treated in a bad way. Let's implied this situation on human, if someone ever get treated badly, how does they feet about it? It must be the same as animals. They can feel sad, happy and even hurt. It is a natural instinct that human and animals do not want to be, pets deserve their own right to be treated like family members.
          Next, some pets even contribute to human by providing protection against danger. For example, a dog usually will protect its owner's house from thieves. As meaning to say that pets also does a good thing to human and they deserve to be treated like family members. They have given their best to serve for their owner, so why not we as a human treat them like our own family members where we feed them, loving them and take care of them.
          Furthermore, pets should be treated like family members because they often make us happy and we spend a lot of time with them. For example, a pet such as cat always makes us happy by showing their concern. It is believable that cat can show their concern to humans by always be with them. Pets always make us happy by accompanying us during our difficult time. we can feel the formation of bond between human and pets even though they are not talking. They also teach us the balance of ecosystem in our universe. This means that they should be treated like family members.

          In a nutshell, i most probably think that pets should be treated like family members.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Barack Obama is cool

We as a human needs a leader to lead our way to the scintillating and brighter future. Leader can be defining as someone who lead a group of people or community to the right and successful way. There are many world leaders that had contributed to the world and their own generation for something good and historical. In my opinion, the world leader that i think that is very important is the president of the United States, Barack Obama. There are few reasons that made him an important leader of the world.

         First of all, Barack Obama is the first black-skin president of the United States. This seems like it is an unimportant thing on the first thought. Nevertheless, if we look deeply, the effect of Barack being the first black-skin president of United States had brought a serious change of perspective to the world. Back to the past, people always discriminated the black-skin people and often look down to them yet when Barack Obama had been the president, the perspective of the world had changed. Many people had corrected the way they looking to the black-skin people. This is the reason why Barrack Obama is important to the world.

         Moreover, Barack Obama had done a lot of charity in helping the people that are in need. He had done such a good thing by helping them to make a better place to live. Other than that, Barack Obama had also give opportunities to all young scientists to present their project regarding science projects at the White House. This proven that Barack Obama is very caring to the children by giving them opportunities to show their talent. Barack Obama had helped many children in the world to improve their live qualities. This is also a reason that make Barack Obama an important leader because he had lead the community to the brighter future.

          Next, Barack Obama had made important contributions to the United Word Organization. He had helped other country that are in need. He had taken a decision to concern about other country rather than focusing only on its own side. This makes him a great and important leader because he had been concern and not being selfish to his own self. He is a tolerable world leader that consider the advantages and disadvantages before making a decision to make sure that everybody get their own benefits.

         Last but not least, these are the reasons why I choose Barack Obama as the world important leader. He had contributed much to not only his own country, but he had done such a great contributions to the whole world.

Monday, 21 November 2016

I Love My Family

Family is the most important elements that make up the society and community of the humanism. A nuclear family usually consists of parents and children only, while extended family is a larger of family that includes grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. With the technological era that we are undergoing, is the extended family is less important than it was in the past? I decisively disagree that the norm of our society contemporary have left behind the significance of extended family than it was in the past due to the reasons that they depend on each other because of the high living cost and increase in the human population had limit the available houses which force them to be together.

      First of all, the high living cost that we are experiencing have made the extended family more important than it was in the past. The high living cost and unstable economical condition have made we as a family dependent on each other to ensure our survival and living. This reliable relationship has put the extended family such as grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles to play a significant role compared to the past where the living cost was literally low and we can live without the extended family. With extended family, we can rely on each other to support our living and therefore, strengthen the bonding between the family members.

      Moreover, the increase in human population had limit the available houses and land for us to occupied. This obstruction has force the extended family to play an important role by allowing us to stay in the same house as the extended family. House sharing have given us the opportunity to have a comfortable and convenient living. For instance, no one would want to have a life having to stay under the bridge because there are no houses available. Therefore, extended family is more important nowadays compared to the past where they are a lot of houses and land for us to occupied.

    In a nutshell, extended family plays a significant role more than it was in the past. There are a lot of factors that affect the significance of extended family. Increasing of living cost have and limited houses have brought extended family to a significant point in this technological advancement era

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Effect of technology on children's creativity.

     Technology is something that has a lot of benefit. As our world keeps inventing great technological advancement, we can see that there are many wonderful inventions that are created by genius people. Nevertheless, has technology made the children less creative than they were in the past? In my opinion, i feel that technology has trigger up and develop the creativities in the children recently because technology expose children with complex thinking style, stimulate idea of improving and inventing something higher than its current level.

         First of all, we cannot be deny that technology expose the children with a complex thinking style. Technology like smartphones, computers, laptops and tablets are made up of complex system and compartments. In fact, the way to use technology is not simply simple as reading and writing, it requires knowledge about the system or interaction to run the technology. For instance, when a child is playing with a tablet, they need to understand the way of using it like touching the screen or tapping the buttons. With just reading what is displayed on the screen cannot simply make the tablet to function. They need to understand the interaction that requires making the tablet works. So, this will lead the children to be exposed with a complex thinking style that will increase the creativity in their mind.

          Moreover, technology stimulates the notion of improving and inventing something that is higher than its current level. Recently, there are many young inventors in the world that create technologies. When a children is using a technology like smartphones, they will try to improvise it by exploring the system and try to add something that is different and essential to the smartphones. With this, it will trigger up the creativity by trying to think out of box in improving the technology flaws. It is not impossible for the children to invent a new type of technology. For example, when a child uses a phone's camera that does not have flash on the camera, they will enthusiastically find out the flaws and something that can be add to the phone's camera which is the flash that we have today on our smartphones. So, this proves that the technologies can trigger up the creativity in children by inventing and improvising the inventions.

         As a conclusion, technology really gives out benefits to human being. It eases the way of living. It expose human with a complex thinking style and it perpetually make human keeps inventing and improvising the inventions. Thus, technology increase and trigger up the creativity in children more than in the past.